Youth Safety & Family Resources

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake is committed to providing a safe environment.

Boys & Girls Club is a safe and fun place for youth to go after school and during the summer. We make sure staff are trained and capable of helping kids in the best way possible by implementing a code of conduct. This code of conduct covers interactions between staff and youth, transportation, incident reports, technology use, and more. Learn more about the code of conduct, safety plans, and other steps your Club takes to keep kids safe.

Read our Child Abuse Prevention Policy

Saprea Consent Guide for Teens

Practicing and honoring consent is essential to navigating our most important relationships and to reducing the risk of us harming others or being hurt. It is easy to think, “something like that will never happen to me.” However, research shows that you (or someone very close to you) will be directly affected by sexual assault. Practicing consent in small ways will prepare you for times when the stakes are higher.

Learn About Consent

National Alliance on Mental Illness | Suicide Prevention Guide

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — 3 simple steps that anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. Just as people trained in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help.

QPR is a 60-90 minute training. Free online workshops run on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm through NAMI Utah.


Stabilization and Mobile Response (SMR) Services 

Provided to you in your home to ease an immediate challenge and provide support. These services can help minimize the impact of the challenge on you and your family. Help you create safety plans and connect you and your family to other helpful resources. Short-term services may be provided in addition to mobile response to help ensure your family’s long-term success. 

These services could be helpful to you if your child: Is verbally or physically aggressive, uses substances, destroys or steals property, is withdrawn from friends and peers, experiences depression or anxiety, has difficulty in school, often runs away, bullies or is bullied, demonstrates severe changes in mood, experiences challenges at home related to a developmental disability.


Odyssey House School-Based Theraputic Program

For students in Salt Lake, Granite, Canyons, Jordan, and Murray School Districts, Odyssey House provides theraputic services in school. Services include individual therapy, family therapy, community education, child psychiatric evaluations, and medication management.

The main goal is to help youth identify issues early, learn healthy coping strategies, and get them back on track quickly. School therapy is one of our most exciting programs, given that we have a chance to address kids' issues before they become more advanced, leading to suicide or drug addiction.




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