Sugarhouse Boys & Girls Club hosts a special sweet treat event for local law enforcement to build trust in the community.

Salt Lake City, UT December 29 – Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake supports our communities and wants to build great futures. As a part of that mission, we want to foster closer bonds between community members and law enforcement. Sugarhouse Club hosted an event to give kids a chance to ask questions and get to know the men and women in law enforcement.

Over cups of cocoa and donuts, officers were asked hard-hitting questions from our youngest kids like; How old are you? Do you like big marshmallows? Chocolate or glazed donuts? One group of kindergarten girls was so excited to meet a female officer that they started a chant of 'Girl cop!' to celebrate.

Officers took on more serious questions as well. Kids asked why they had to put their hands up if an officer asked. They wanted to know what to do if an adult was asking them to do something they felt was wrong. The officers gave friendly answers to all of it. Officer Sylleldoglou explained he trying to keep everyone safe if he ever asked someone to put their hands up. He stressed the importance of staying in school and listening to teachers and parents. Kids should ask an adult they trust if they felt like they were being asked to do something bad. Adults like the mentors and staff at Boys & Girls Club.

"Events like this give youth the opportunity to form positive relationships with members of law enforcement. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment where kids have an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the officers in their community," said CEO and President Amanda Ree Hughes.

79% of youth surveyed said they feel safe at Boys & Girls Clubs. By building bonds with local law enforcement Boys & Girls Club hopes to extend that safe feeling to anywhere in the community. Kids left the officers with handwritten cards and drawings to thank them for coming to visit Club. Everyone left full of sweets and smiling.




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