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The work done in Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake would not be possible without the support of our community. We want to highlight donors who have not just given but made Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake a priority to them. These individuals have gone above and beyond with their investments in the future of our community and we thank them.

Blue Door Club

The Blue Door Club is for donors who contribute monthly recurring gifts to benefit kids lives at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake. By supporting Club on a monthly basis, you make it possible to open the doors of Club to every kid. Whether your reoccurring donation is $5 or $5,000, know that every cent will make a transformational difference in the lives of kids in our community.


By becoming a member you receive:

- “Blue Door” keepsake: Our kids have crafted a “Blue Door” art piece to commemorate your induction into the Blue Door Club.

- Blue Door Bash: this event is designed to give you front-row seats to the impact your gifts make by touring a Club, serving a meal to our members, and participating in a celebration alongside others in the Blue Door Club. 

- A special quarterly newsletter

- A small gift as a token of our appreciation 


Join by visiting our donate page and selecting recurring and monthly when you give.


Jeremiah Millbank Giving Society
Lifetime Giving Society
Heritage Club
Jeremiah Millbank Giving Society
  • The Jeremiah Milbank Society is a national recognition group for donors who make unrestricted gifts of $10,000 or more to their local Boys & Girls Club’s annual giving campaign.  The support from the Jeremiah Milbank Society is a powerful statement about the importance of Clubs and sets a positive example for others to follow. Building the ranks of the Jeremiah Milbank Society members is vital to ensuring that Clubs can continue creating great futures for young people. We thank these donors for their generosity:

  • Hank and Pat Hemingway

    Elizabeth Solomon

    Chad & Chantel Hansen

    Tim & Candace Dee

    Michael & Alicyn King

    Craig & Crystal Martucci

    James & Leigh Ann Peterson

    Charity Swanson

    Jeffrey & Helen Cardon

    Lori & Mitch Smith

Lifetime Giving Society
  • The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes generous individuals who have demonstrated their deep commitment to the Boys & Girls Clubs by contributing a minimum of $250,000 during their lifetime to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake. These caring individuals are improving the future of our nation by providing critical resources to help Clubs implement successful programs and serve more young people. We thank these donors for their generosity:

  • Tim and Candace Dee

    Hank and Pat Hemingway

    Art and Martha Pasker

    Elizabeth Solomon

    Warren P. and Florence King

    Jeff and Helen Cardon

    J. Larry Erickson

Heritage Club
  • The Heritage Club is an association of friends of Boys & Girls Clubs of America from all across the country. These individuals seek to ensure that the future needs of our nation's youth are met by including Boys & Girls Clubs of America in their estate plans. This planning might include a will, charitable gift annuity, a trust arrangement, a real estate gift or a life insurance policy. We thank these donors for their dedication to supporting the Club community:
  • Barbara Burke

    Terry & Ann Cononelos

    Gina Dalton & Loren Weiss

    Bob & Krista Dunn

    Paul Keyser

    Dianne May

    Art & Martha Pasker

    LeAnn & Pete Saldivar

    Glenn McMinn

    Kellie Williams

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