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Help youth in your community today!

Boys & Girls Club are doing Whatever it Takes for our youth.

Our Clubs opened with limited enrollment on Monday, June 8, but it is not business as usual. Club members need us now more than ever. We are beyond excited to welcome our kids back to a safe and nurturing place but the landscape will be quite different. Stringent safety measures and adapted programming are designed to keep our staff and kids safe while allowing them to be kids again.

Social distancing. Regulated group sizes. Face masks. Sanitizing after every activity. Limited building access. We are taking extra safety precautions to protect the health of our members, our staff, and our community.

Academic support. STEM activities. Digital literacy. We are boosting our focus on academics in order to combat the "COVID slide"; which disproportionately hurts students who are already at risk of academic failure.

Teams. Coaches. Uniforms. Referees. We are once again opening our sports leagues, with special rules and limited spots, to provide a fun physical outlet for youth who may be in desperate need of sport and connection.

We are committed to providing the best service and need your help as we prepare to invite more kids through our doors as soon as safely possible. Please consider a contribution today so we can help our kids regain a bit of normalcy and the sense of security they deserve. Make a donation today.

Thanks to these donors for supporting our COVID-19 Response Fund during this time: 

American Express
Associa Cares
Clyde Snow & Sessions
Coca Cola
Dominion Energy
Edwards LifeSciences
Fidelity Investments
Goldman Sachs
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors
Lawrence Dee Foundation
Martucci Adams
Murray Rotary
Paulsen Construction
Pitney Bowes
Sentry Financial
Stillman Consulting
Swire Coca Cola
US Bank
WCF Insurance
Wells Fargo

Tracy Altman
Susie Augenstein
Dr. Carol Ballou & Dr. Kevin Havlik
Jason & Michelle Bandley
Christine Barker
Bruce & Judy Bell
Tom & Lydia Berggren
Curt & Synita Bowen
Julie Bowen
Kathleen Boyer
John & Linda Cameron
Peter Cartwright
Jim & Karen Charnholm
Elaine Clark
Wendy & Dirk Cowley
Ben Damstedt
Tim & Candace Dee
David & Karen Dee
Matt & Miranda Dee
Nate & Gisele Dee
Dan & Martina Devenport
Darlene Dixon
Bob & Krista Dunn
Cecelia Edmondson
Jack & Melanie Elizondo
Kelly & Sherry Facer
Robyn Fairfield
Fulvia Franco
Alicia & Devan Garcia
Robert & Cynthia Goates
Abby Gottsegen
Mark & Susan Gregory
Neal & Sharon Grover
Alan Hall
Chad & Chauntel Hansen
Brad & Jolie Hardy
Mike Harmond & Laura Anderson
Dillon & Emily Hase
Hank & Pat Hemingway
Brandon & Lisa Higley
Bill "Lucky" Hooper & Sharon Roper
Elliot Hulet
Kevin & Dabney Hummel
Cheryl Hunter
Paul & Shannon Jacobs
Tom Jerant
Richard & Suzanne Kanner
Paul Keyser, Carolyn Brinkerhoff & Mark Seals
Michael & Alicyn King
Warren P. & Florence King
Peter Klinge Jr.
Nuno & Colli Lucas
Jill Martinez
Craig & Crystal Martucci
Misty Matthews
Christopher & Lisa Millburn
Jayne Neal
Bill & Anne Nelsen
Nathan Nelson
Randy & Diana Netto
Carla & Truong Nguyen
Monika Oberlander
Laura Ochinero
Bryce Panzer & Patricia Winmill
Art & Martha Pasker
Rosemarie Peck
Ken & Margaret Petersen
Lucy Petrow
Pamela Plant
John & Catherine Putnam
William & Kim Roeder
Kristine Schultz
William & Martha Scott
Hilary Scott
Andrew Seppi
Tim & Denise Skuster
Kenneth & Claudia Sperling
Steve & Eileen Warner
Bethany Weller
Lyle & Marie White
Rob & Connie White
Aisza & David Wilde
Dana Williamson & Bernardo Flores-Sahagun
Jeannie Yerkovich
Scott Young & Carolyn McHugh

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