Comcast gives back to the community through partnerships with boys & girls clubs of greater salt lake

Salt Lake City, July 28, 2021 – Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake is recognizing Comcast for the myriad of ways they have helped our Clubs over the past few months.

When schools closed in March 2020, our Club members had difficulty engaging with distance learning due to a lack of needed technology and internet; some of our members could not log onto a single day of distance learning in Spring 2020. Additionally, many of our members' parents could not work remotely and worked long hours to support their families; this made distance learning support especially difficult. If not immediately addressed, these factors will lead to difficulty staying on grade level, graduating on time, and joining the 21st-century workforce. Longstanding opportunity gaps will be exacerbated for our Club members.

The support from Comcast has allowed Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake to better serve our kids and teens with new technology during a critical time.

In January 2021, Comcast partnered with Telemundo to host a laptop giveaway event at our Miller Family Club and equipped our Club members with new technology to take on virtual learning.

In March 2021, they installed Wi-Fi hotspots, called Lift Zones, at five of our Club sites, providing high speed internet to youth who may not otherwise have access.

“These Lift Zones, which will be installed in community centers in local neighborhoods that our partners have identified and will run, will be places where students and families can get online and access the resources they need, especially while so many schools and workplaces have gone virtual,” said Dave Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Comcast Cable.

Then, during our Continuing the Mission Campaign last month, Comcast became a Mission Maker with a generous $5,000 donation, in addition to a $20,000 grant to support our technology skills training and workforce development programs.

We offer our sincerest thanks to Comcast for all they do for our kids, our families, and our community.




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