Academic Success

Academic programs provide young people with educational support and career development.
Some of these programs include:

  • Power Hour

    Our flagship academic success program includes daily homework help and tutoring for all Club members. Clubs offer a dedicated schoolwork space, educators, and resources for all grade levels. Inquire with your Club to find out when Power Hour is after school.

  • STEM

    Our Academic Specialist (a teacher licensed in the state of Utah) coordinates with schools to ensure our programs support the schools’ curricula and students’ learning. The STEM activities vary in difficulty by age to help youth develop passions encouraging post-secondary education, and enabling youth to gain employment in a competitive job market.

  • Goals for Graduation

    Supports teens with academic mentorship, career planning, college admissions, and post-graduate decisions making.

  • Bonzai

    Introduces money management concepts like saving, investing, and entrepreneurship. Volunteers from premier partnerships support our program through financial assistance and lending their real-world experience to our lessons.




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